I coach and facilitate journeys in Corporate and Private environments. Some of the journeys include: Accomplished Leadership; Change Is Good (Change Management); Making Friends with Diversity; The Inspired Workspace; Born-to-Sell; Connections & Parallels (Relationships); Who Are You Really? (Personal Development & Self-Discovery); Your Message to the World (Image & Personal Brand); Getting the Balance Right (Health & Wellness); Back In The Game (How to Date); From Victim to Victor (Empowerment & Motivation)


My qualifications include a University degree in Psychology, Industrial Psychology, and Communications from UNISA. I also hold an ICF (International Coaching Federation) endorsed Co-Active Coaching diploma from The Coaching Training Institute (CTI) in California. I am a certified and credentialled CSP member of COMENSA, sit on their Gauteng MCSC & Marketing committee and serve as a level 1 & 2 evaluator. I am also a member of ICF and serve on their Gauteng Chapter committee. When I am not coaching, I teach Leadership, Operations Management and Marketing & Sales to Bcom students at AFDA school in Johannesburg.

I work with Individuals, Groups or Teams. Programs vary from hourly sessions to 1-3 day workshops to Corporate Programs running for 4, 6, or 10 months. Programs are uniquely developed around the requirements and culture of the person or company, and can stand alone or be incorporated into an event (eg. Team Building). I also present motivational talks. And I welcome collaborative projects with organisations that compliment a given program. (Eg. If I am coaching Wellness then I could collaborate with a Gym, a Naturopath and even a Meal Delivery Service.)


A dynamic and adaptable style governs my coaching and consulting.

Each individual, group or company comes with its own significance and distinction, and should be treated and appreciated as such. My preference is to coach and consult in-person; However, I understand that time and traffic can be a hindrance so Skype and telephone sessions can be arranged for individuals.

A little bit about me

So far I have been blessed with a life some people only get to dream of. My journey took me into the world of marketing and advertising where I spent 12 years project managing multi-national accounts such as Visa, Lipton, LG, MTN, Siemens, and Edgars. I was privileged to work with global agencies such as TBWA, FCB, Y&R, and BBDO. This gifted me the opportunity to see much of the world. It was during those travels, the all-consuming career, a chronic illness, and the exposure to different, colourful cultures and religions, that I started to question and feel that there had to be more to life than merely work and sleep and sickness. I chose to follow my gut as I needed some answers. In the midst of global recession, I quit my financially rewarding and flourishing career to pursue what some might call a sabbatical. I travelled to some exotically remote destinations, immersed myself into studying, sport and nature, and pushed myself to new limits; Limits that tested my personal and emotional boundaries, and it was within those challenges that I found balance, gratitude and my purpose. From then on, I have chosen to dedicate my time to nurturing that balance, and to sharing the tools and learnings I gathered along the way. As of 2012, I have been running my own coaching and consulting practice.


  • Xoli Moloi
    Veronique was kind, patient and very professional. Using both therapy as well [as] personalised assignment exercises, she helped me to heal my past and appreciate my present. Through her guidance I was able to re-look at my past and embrace it. Now I draw strength daily from my past experiences. It’s a daily effort - a journey and I’m grateful to have Veronique as my coach.
    Xoli Moloi
  • Jonathan Howell-Jones
    If you want something done, done well, and done with a smile and a warm heart, then it’s Veronique you want.
    Jonathan Howell-Jones
    member of the Faculty Board at EMDI Institute of Media and Communication
  • Irene Mourani Darwiche
    Veronique is a detail-oriented manager who can deal with many different situations while staying focussed, organised, and always on top of things. She is a very dynamic and positive person, very inspiring strong woman.
    Irene Mourani Darwiche
  • Milos Ilic
    Veronique brings warmth and exuberant enthusiasm to any group. She is well organised and completely dedicated to the task at hand - her positive emotional charge quickly translates into a focussed action. On top of all that, she is a natural communicator and forges strong bonds with people easily. Next to many tangible professional benefits, Veronique brings many valuable intangibles that are so often crucial for a proper functioning of any team.
    Milos Ilic
    Chief Creative Officer at Luna\TBWA
  • Katerina Thomas
    Veronique worked WITH me and made me feel as if I were chatting to a friend. She has an incredible energy, which makes her so approachable. One of the most important things when taking on a personal journey is trust. Trust in yourself and in the person you share this journey with. As a life coach, V made me feel completely comfortable and almost felt immediate trust in her to open up. You made the process fun, interesting and so much easier than I expected it to be - thank you. PS. Separating my ego from my selft and learning to read ‘Catherine’ has been the biggest revelation for me!
    Katerina Thomas
  • Anu Bhatnagar
    Veronique - when I think of her, the words that come in my mind are Energy, Passion, Honesty, Courage. Her eyes will mesmerize you with the energy they radiate. Innocent like a child, Sharp as a hawk, Truthful and Amazing. Her desire and passion to bring out the best in anyone she works with as a coach, is extra-ordinar. We have spent memorable time together on our journey to discover “ourselves” and I had the opportunity to work in client-coach setting with her several times. She will go against the forces to make you realise you are the best, she will make you see your light becaues you want to believe so much when she says “You Can!”
    Anu Bhatnagar
  • Candice Engelbrecht
    Phenomenal people skills with a great talent to teach. Really quick thinking and logical when necessary. Takes pride in her work and goes over and above what is needed to ensure success. Strengths are in strategy and relationship management and leadership. A pleasure to work with. I have the highest level of respect for Veronique and wish her all the success.
    Candice Engelbrecht
    Regional Marketing Manager at AXA Insurance (Gulf) B.S.C. (c)
  • Deepak Punwani
    Veronique is one of those rare individuals who always offer more to a partnership than they take out of it. She has the unique ability to deliver the right results and at same time touch the lives of people she comes in contact with through her humaneness and never ending optimism. This coupled with her sincerity, objectiveness, eye for detail and exacting standards means that she is [the] best partner you could have on a project. A team that has her will automatically raise its standards wrt professional performance and personal conduct.
    Deepak Punwani
    Leading the India business for a renewable energy start-up
  • Danni Thomas
    ...you have been a positive impact on my life. The passionate way you talked about this venture and the belief that you instilled in me, just gave me the courage to do things and take risks. I am not good at writing mails or being in touch, but you and your “can do” attitude will always be in my thoughts.
    Danni Thomas
  • Nakitah Geemooi
    Veronique is a creative and customises her coaching “methodology” to fit the person sitting in front of her – as such she recognizes and treats each person [as] the unique individuals that they are.
    Nakitah Geemooi
  • Anita Hayward
    Veronique has a great way at being able to get to the core of any issue or question that you want to pursue. She has fantastic insight, creativity but also sensitivity to her customers. A fantastic person!
    Anita Hayward
    PSHE Leader and Class Teacher at Junior School
  • Sam Husaini
    Veronique is an extremely passionate professional. I found her to be a self propelled individual who strongly believed in her self, her goals and had a calibrated strategy to achieving her ambition for herself and her organisation and clients. I have no hesitation in saying that she would be an asset where ever she goes. Wish you luck and success, V.
    Sam Husaini
    Strategic Advisor to CEO Alghanim Industries & CEO Gulf Bank

Whether you are an organisation that’s undergoing change, a leader needing grooming for the next chapter of your career or an everyday someone that’s at a crossroad in life, I am the coach who will nudge you towards the “light” at the end of the tunnel and, whilst it is up to you or the organisation to seize the moment, it’s my passion and pleasure to guide and facilitate the way. After all...

“Life moves pretty fast! If you don’t stop & look around once in a while, you might miss it!”


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